Ritual Sequence cover art

Ritual Sequence

Ritual Sequence is a collection of four tracks by Chorist, available for listening on Bandcamp and Spotify.

It's dance music made for listening on your headphones, or in a car.
You could play it at a party in your living room, too.

If you like late 90's IDM, then this EP is for you. It's not particularly complex. It's just that that stuff is definitely an inspiration. A couple of the tracks are also the result of exposure to freestyle and Miami bass music at a young age.

The EP is an exploration of intuitive track structure using a hardware sequencer, two synthesizers, and a drum machine. Three of the tracks have syncopated kicks, while one does not. All of them have melodies.

The EP was recorded in a small back room in Austin, Texas. There was no computer in that room, but there was a refrigerator: humming.

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