Austin Coffee Shops

Some notes for the Austin, Texas coffee shop laptop worker.

Flight Path

5011 Duval St near 51st. Since 1992. Lots of tables. Tacos in the morning (and quiche). A place to get work done.

Epoch (North Loop)

221 W North Loop near Guadalupe. Lots of places to sit. An older Austin feel. Good coffee, good tacos while they're available.

Lazarus (Airport)

4803 Airport Blvd near 48th. It's a brewery, but in the mornings it's a great place to have some coffee and breakfast tacos and do some work. Sitting at either of the inside bars is pleasant, as is the covered patio outside.

Civil Goat

3423 Guadalupe St near 35th. They make a good americano. There's lots of light, and plenty of places to sit (at the bar, the windows have another bar, and there are a few tables). Plenty of plugs too. They keep it pretty cold in there in the summer, sometimes too cold.

Merit (North Lamar)

4615 N Lamar near 45th. High ceilings, lots of light. Sometimes hard to find a seat.

Double Trouble

103 E North Loop. Not loving the vibe.