Music releases by Chorist.

Late Austin

released November 16, 2020

Three sound worlds, created in early 2020 Austin. East of Airport, in the back of a metalworking studio.

Each track is just that: a single chosen path through a landscape. Continuously circling a body; different aspects revealed with each revolution.

"Late Austin" is three live recordings, made direct to a stereo recorder, to add an element of intuition to a form that is often planned out on a timeline and edited after the fact.

The tracks are made using the Analog Rytm (drum machine) and the Octatrack (sampler and effects), playing together in real-time. The sounds on the Octatrack are mostly samples from the Yamaha FS1R and Roland XV-5050 synthesizers, designed using software made by the artist.

Beau Thomas / Ten Eight Seven Mastering
Cover Photography
Lauren Slusher Photography
Cover Design
Jennifer James Wright / Citron Studio

Ritual Sequence

released December 3, 2019

An exploration of intuitive track structure using a hardware sequencer, two synthesizers, and a drum machine.

Recorded in a small back room in Austin, Texas. There was no computer in that room, but there was a refrigerator: humming.

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